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Medieval Festival at the Cloisters in Manhattan – September, 2014

story telling time web the dragon web the pirate web woman near the rocks webThe Cloisters, which is the museum annex of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that contains most of its Medieval collection, is located in Fort Tryon Park in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Once a year at the end of summer, the park turns into a medieval festival with many people dressing in various garbs and actors, storytellers, musicians and singers interdispersed between the large crowd. They have sword demonstrations and …

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A weekend in November in upstate New York

I went fossil hunting for the first time in a long time. It was a planned trip with the New York Paleontological Society to three sites. Two were near Madison , NY and the other in Catskill, NY. The one in Catskill was a huge working quarry, which was interesting to see, especially since we were allowed to explore. The trip was successful in that I found a lot of fossils, all of which are in my classroom. But I also found some beautiful scenery of rural farms, and saw my first snowfall this year, which was a bit of a shock. I was up very early, before the sun had a chance to warm things up, and there was …

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Gateway to Nations Pow Wow

tee_pee peregrine_falconThis is the second time I’ve been to this pow wow at Floyd Bennet Field in Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn.  This Pow wow is run by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council.   The dancers are lively and energetic with wonderfully colored costumes.  This pow wow represents  many Native American tribes and had a demonstration of hula performed by a native Hawaiian.  There are also demonstration performances by Native Americans from Central and South American.  Most of the performances are judged dances.  One particularly good performance was by the male fancy costumes.  Their dancing was complex and energetic despite the …

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Coney Island is back

Coney Island was busy yesterday.  It showed no signs of the tropical storm named Sandy that struck it in October.  The only place that didn’t appear back to normal was the aquarium which was only about half open as of yesterday.  The beach was filled in the 90 degree heat and the rides in Luna Park and the Cyclone roller coaster were  up and running.  While the area was not as packed as it may be later in the summer, the water is still quite chilly this time of the year.  Definitely a fun place to visit for the day.




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