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Quick trip to Morocco

Casablanca from the medina Casablanca from the medina

We spent 3 days in Morocco and were able to see the cities of Casablanca, Meknes and Fez. We also visited the ancient Roman ruins of the town of Volubilis. Morocco is a stunning country, and one that I hope to visit again. The medinas are unbelievable in the amount of stalls and the variety of stuff sold, In Fez, you could just get lost in the medina for days. The cultural differences are profound. This was particularly true because it was the start of Ramadan. Volubilis was a facinating walk into the past. In the US, we look at …

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twilight with supermoon smJune 22 was the night of the supermoon. That’s the night when the moon is closest to the earth this year and it appears to be the largest full moon. We decided to see the view of the moon rising over Manhattan from Edgewater, NJ. We were not the only intrepid photographers out that evening. Just as we got there, the sun’s last rays were changing the buildings into red jewels and the moon was rising over the buildings. The weather was perfect and the photography was great.

supermoon at sunset sm

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