Trying out an infrared camera

out the window after the rainstorm IR WEB van cortlandt lake-web the grand mausoleum web the obelisk at Woodlawn web woodlawn cemetary lake web



I Had my old D90 camera refitted with an internal infrared filter. I used LifePixel to do the conversion.  I’ve been spending the last couple of days figuring out how to take photos with it and how to process them. I think I still have a lot to learn about composing for …

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Medieval Festival at the Cloisters in Manhattan – September, 2014

story telling time web the dragon web the pirate web woman near the rocks webThe Cloisters, which is the museum annex of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that contains most of its Medieval collection, is located in Fort Tryon Park in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Once a year at the end of summer, the park turns into a medieval festival with many people dressing in various garbs and actors, storytellers, musicians and singers interdispersed between the large crowd. They have sword demonstrations and …

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Fruit lamps

Electrochemistry using fruits as the conducting medium, and copper and zinc electrodes. This allows them to carry about 1.5 volts or enough for 4 fruits to light an LED. This led to a great deal of experimentation trying to get the lamps to work and to photograph them. Most of these were photographed using the LED as the only source of light. For some of them I used the room light when it appeared that the photos were getting too noisy from the long exposures



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Sandy Hook, NJ and the Storm


11377431393_a3205b8b30_bSandy Hook is a little spit of land that is only a block wide in some areas. It is a sandbar with the exception of the one road that goes up and down it. It is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. We were down there today during a six inch snow storm. It’s always bitterly cold there in the winter, and today proved no exception. We stopped off at the beach on the way to the lighthouse, but we didn’t make it all the way to the lighthouse. They closed down the park due …

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Store opened at

I have begun a line of products which use images that I’ve created to add one of a kind beauty to your gifts. My store is located at Xtra Brainy   It includes many high quality items including mugs, posters, cards, postage stamps.  A smattering of the products are included here. Please look and leave feedback on what you see or any items that you would like to see.  And click on the photographs as the little thumbnails don’t do them justice

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5 pointz – The Institute of Higher Burning, A place for street art

5 ptz is a five-story, block-long industrial complex building in Long Island City, located at 45-46 Davis St. which allowed curated street art to be spray painted onto their walls.  However, 12 years of art work has been destroyed.  After a protracted legal battle in which the owner wishes to tear down the building and build condominiums, he had all the art painted over with white paint.  The building is still standing but all the art is no longer visible.    Now, its his building to do whatever he wants with, but since he wasn’t destroying the building yet, it seems a shame to destroy the art.  Some of the art was very talented, and most of it was very original in …

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A weekend in November in upstate New York

I went fossil hunting for the first time in a long time. It was a planned trip with the New York Paleontological Society to three sites. Two were near Madison , NY and the other in Catskill, NY. The one in Catskill was a huge working quarry, which was interesting to see, especially since we were allowed to explore. The trip was successful in that I found a lot of fossils, all of which are in my classroom. But I also found some beautiful scenery of rural farms, and saw my first snowfall this year, which was a bit of a shock. I was up very early, before the sun had a chance to warm things up, and there was …

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Going to the Freedom Tower and the World Trade Center Memorial

Flower at the memorial wtc4a webWhile the Freedom Tower is not yet completely built, it is still complete enough to function as part of the World Trade Center Memorial. The line to get in can be annoying and it is a long walk in. You have to go past metal detectors and x-ray machines. But once there, the memorial is respectful and pretty and the tower’s reflectivity of the sky adds to the allure of the memorial. If you are into photographing the Freedom Tower, wait until you have completely entered the memorial for your best shots. Catching the clouds and the …

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Street Art and 5 pointz

y u no love me web thinknyc web psychedelic spray can web food chain web dalai lama web beauty and the beast webI’m not one who appreciates graffiti much, no matter how the calligraphy looks, But street art can be absolutely astounding. This was the case at 5 pointz an old factory building that exists to highlight graffiti and street art. I”d heard about it before, …

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Quick trip to Morocco

Casablanca from the medina Casablanca from the medina

We spent 3 days in Morocco and were able to see the cities of Casablanca, Meknes and Fez. We also visited the ancient Roman ruins of the town of Volubilis. Morocco is a stunning country, and one that I hope to visit again. The medinas are unbelievable in the amount of stalls and the variety of stuff sold, In Fez, you could just get lost in the medina for days. The cultural differences are profound. This was particularly true because it was the start of Ramadan. Volubilis was a facinating walk into the past. In the US, we look at …

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twilight with supermoon smJune 22 was the night of the supermoon. That’s the night when the moon is closest to the earth this year and it appears to be the largest full moon. We decided to see the view of the moon rising over Manhattan from Edgewater, NJ. We were not the only intrepid photographers out that evening. Just as we got there, the sun’s last rays were changing the buildings into red jewels and the moon was rising over the buildings. The weather was perfect and the photography was great.

supermoon at sunset sm

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Gateway to Nations Pow Wow

tee_pee peregrine_falconThis is the second time I’ve been to this pow wow at Floyd Bennet Field in Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn.  This Pow wow is run by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council.   The dancers are lively and energetic with wonderfully colored costumes.  This pow wow represents  many Native American tribes and had a demonstration of hula performed by a native Hawaiian.  There are also demonstration performances by Native Americans from Central and South American.  Most of the performances are judged dances.  One particularly good performance was by the male fancy costumes.  Their dancing was complex and energetic despite the …

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